Apple West opened its doors in April 2009.  We are a new kind of home medical equipment company with a personal touch.  

Regardless if we personally deliver the supplies, have them shipped or our customers stop by to pick them up, we personally touch base with each of our customers every month to ensure they are receiving the right products and the best service.



Apple West is the leading San Francisco bay area home medical equipment provider of disposible medical supplies with primary focus on urology, ostomy, wound care and incontinence.  Apple West will swiftly respond and expand our line of home medical equipment as the needs of our patients and our customers grow.  

Apple West diligently partners with the home health nursing industry, physicians, clinics, local community programs, and hospitals to service the specialized needs of adults and children who require home medical equipment and supplies.


We set the standards in compassionate and quality care. Our mission is to simplify the day-to-day life of those who have permanent or temporary disabilities and provide them with the tools to make their lives as normal and comfortable as possible. 

Value Statements

  • Protect the patient.

  • Listen and understand first.

  • Endeavor to personally deliver our equipment and supplies whenever possible.

  • Ensure that patients receive the highest quality of care with compassion.

  • Strive to provide new equipment and supplies whenever possible.

  • Provide the proper equipment and supplies always on time.

  • Create and foster the best work environment possible.

  • Perform all that we do legally and ethically.

  • Build deep and meaningful relationships with everyone.

  • Think strategically and innovatively while keeping our feet tactically on the ground.

  • Cultivate an atmosphere of happiness.

About Us

Our Leaders

Tom Shankle

Owner & Operations

 Anthony Orefice II

Sales & Marketing

Donna Barraclough

Customer Service, Billing & Claims

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Apple West Home Medical Supply

4000 Harlan Street

Emeryville, CA 94608-3604
ph: (510) 868-9175
fax: (855) 380-4834
alt: (888) 579-3765

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